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Wonderful visit to Capri!

We were happy to have all our transportation arranged by our guide for our day on Capri. If we had to figure out everything on our own, we would have seen and done much less. Our guide, Paulo, was charming and informative and well-known in Capri: everywhere we went, people would call out to him, "Ciao, Paulo!" I especially loved the lunch at the restaurant in Anacapri - it was my favorite meal of our whole visit to Italy. I also loved the boat tour around the island, although I was sad the water was too rough to visit the Blue Grotto that day.


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First time in Italy and we used Capri Tours for our tour to Isle of Capri . It was all day narrated tour about the history, people , the structres on the island. We saw the famous Blue Grotto and many other important areas all around the island. The staff was knowledgeable courteous and went out of their way to show us everything. We had plenty of time on the island to explore before returning to Sorrento. I can't say enough about the Captain and the first mate. They were great and made sure this tour was a memorable one. I highly recommend Capri Tours. You won't be disappointed .

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My husband and I booked a private tour of Capri through the Tours of Capri website and Christina was most helpful and informative. Our guide, Luigi, gave us a spectacular day on Capri/Anacapri. He guided us around the island and was like the mayor of the island - he knew so many people and the perfect shops to take you in to buy perfume or chocolates. He gave us info but also gave us time to explore on our own. The chairlift was in the clouds and the Blue Grotto closed and he was in constant contact to check the status of these for us. When it was clear we wouldn't be able to participate in these he offered an even better experience - lunch at the top of Anacapri at a farm to table restaurant - fresh pasta, homemade wine, veggies from the garden - all with a view of the water - paradise! We enjoyed a long lunch and then a boat ride around the island. He had a great sense of humor, was flexible in what we wanted to do and gave us the perfect amount of alone time. A great day!

Ishia food tour with Giuseppe! - by Cheryl Jones 17/07/2017

We had a great tour with our guide! He was friendly, knowledgeable and very informative. We ate a lot! The local food is tasty, from breakfast to lunch we loved everything! I strongly recommend this tour!

Ishia food tour with Giuseppe! - by Linda B. Jones 17/07/2017

Capri is absolutely amazing. This is a must do. If you are traveling to Italy and can make at least one day for Capri its a must. Capri is incredibly beautiful. My husband and I were staying in Rome we took the Fast train to Naples and then a ferry to Capri. Once in Capri we rented a private boat to take us on a tour of the Island. It was the best tour we had it is so beautiful. Our captain was very knowledgeable and spoke English well. Capri is breath taking and a the private tour was incredible. If you book the tour while you are there it is very affordable.